Films & Broadcast Media and its relevance to Fashion today

A group of images when shown in a frame creates an illusion due to the so called phi phenomenon is how a film is created. Film is a very powerful medium. Fashion films has created the actors like Audrey Hepburn into fashion icons


Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at the Tiffany’s


What can be the possible differences between a film and a fashion film? Making a fashion film is the same way you make any next film. But what make fashion film different are the fashion elements that are used. It is the same way you make a fashion photograph; you make it with lighting editing and the use of strong elements results in a good fashion film.

Fashion is not everyone’s interest, different people will have different interest, films are one of the way through which you can reach to masses and can provide them sneak peek into the fashion world.

There are films on models like Gia, about the model named Gia, also on fashion designers in which Chanel was the first one to get involved in films.  A film like Devil Wears Prada gives you an overview about how the fashion media operates.

Films can be considered as a good friend and a good communicating medium for fashion.