This ad film is an initiative taken by us as a part of our college project, on brand extension. The brand we chose is Body Shop and keeping the essence of the brand in mind we are extending our brand to a spa and will continue to use the organic products same as our parent brand. The name of the spa will also be kept same.

This ad-film tries to depict the look and feel of our spa and the relaxation and transformation our spa promises to provide to the customers, and take them away from their busy and hectic lives.



An initiative taken by Pearl Students, to shoot a fashion promo as a part of a college assignment for Broadcast Media.

This is an attempt taken by us to incorporate our knowledge on how fashion is communicated through broadcast. We incorporated a fun-element in our shoot, to make it more enjoyable, youthful and fun to watch.

Review on Man vs Food



Man v. Food is an American food reality television series. It premiered on December 3, 2008 on the Travel Channel. The program is hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman who travels across the United States. In every next show he goes to a new place and explores quite a few restaurants and takes up a food challenge.

This show is shot both at outdoor and indoor locations. The host of the show, Adam Richman himself does the anchoring too. It’s a very interactive show. The show begins with showing the city through which we will get a basic idea about the place. One special thing about his show is that, he not only talks to the chef or the person in charge of the hotel, but also to the customers there and we get to know their experiences too.

adam richman


The best part is for the last. The food challenge he takes is always shown to the end of the show, which makes us kind of watch the whole show for the interesting challenge he does. There is involvement of the people around too, it gives a lively feel. The show wraps up with a fake press conference as if he won or lost some award for what he did. The food he goes for are especially hot and spicy foods usually in large quantities.

The show makes us want to try the restaurants and foods that are shown. Not only the food but also we get to know about the culture of the place too.

Films & Broadcast Media and its relevance to Fashion today

A group of images when shown in a frame creates an illusion due to the so called phi phenomenon is how a film is created. Film is a very powerful medium. Fashion films has created the actors like Audrey Hepburn into fashion icons


Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at the Tiffany’s


What can be the possible differences between a film and a fashion film? Making a fashion film is the same way you make any next film. But what make fashion film different are the fashion elements that are used. It is the same way you make a fashion photograph; you make it with lighting editing and the use of strong elements results in a good fashion film.

Fashion is not everyone’s interest, different people will have different interest, films are one of the way through which you can reach to masses and can provide them sneak peek into the fashion world.

There are films on models like Gia, about the model named Gia, also on fashion designers in which Chanel was the first one to get involved in films.  A film like Devil Wears Prada gives you an overview about how the fashion media operates.

Films can be considered as a good friend and a good communicating medium for fashion.

Title Design – Juno



Titles are the part of a movie which always tends us to press the forward button. But Juno’s is an exceptional case where one seems reluctant to use the same button. You will not even realize that you are watching the whole title of the movie unless and until it’s finished and the movie start to roll.

Juno is a Canadian-American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. The story is about the life of a teenager penned by the actress Page and the occurrence of events following an unplanned pregnancy. Juno won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and earned three other Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Page.

The title design was done in a promisingly creative manner. The sequence is an amalgamation of live action and animation. Along with the tiles, it also shows the life of a teenager and the surroundings where she grew up. One will get the overview of her life and on the same hand it evokes curiosity as to know where is she heading to.


Title scene introducing Juno


It is clear that this story is about a teenager and whatever that happened in her life. But the way they showed is what that makes it interesting and the interest remains through the whole movie. Also, they have paid attention to all the details possible in the sequence.


Juno’s neighborhood shown during the title  sequence


The soundtrack played during the title sequence helps to portray Juno’s character in a big way. It was quite a journey they took us while they were showing titles; we travelled through Juno’s neighbourhood to the convenience store where she takes her pregnancy test. Even the typography was an admirable work, which looked all handmade and was done in a balanced and creative way.

An immense amount of work has been put into the sequence to make it is for sure. It is such an admirable work by Smith & Lee for the movie Juno.